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From this page you can access scanned images of documents that I have placed here as I feel others may find them interesting, the image quality is not very high deliberately to aid download times, but should be high enough for the documents to be read. Click on the thumbnail images below to view each item. If you want a higher resolution version of the image please email me to let me know.


Poem (Signed Sarah, undated but probably 19th century).

Oregon Letter

Letter from Washington City, 28th Jan 1846, anon. Possibly from Mary K Lenhale. Refers to conflict between America and Britain, probably the Oregon Boundary Dispute.

Music Letter

Letter from Mary K Lenthale (Washington City) to Miss jane Simpson, 13th April 1832. Includes score and lyrics to Hail Columbia, Yankee Doodle and Star Spangled Banner

1888 School Report

Elsie Radcliffe's, school report, Christmas 1888 and Christmas 1891

1891 School Report

Letter, dated 10 February 1796, to the Constable of Kirby Underdale informing him to advise Abraham Clarkson of his call up to the Militia.

1812/3 Letters

Letters from Thomas Fell (1st Life Guards) to family, from London and from Salamanca