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Another "Indian" Letter

Written on the 28th of January 1846 in Washington City, this letter appears to have been penned by the same hand as the other letter so it may be from Mary K Lenhale again to a member of the Simpson family in Yorkshire, part of the letter is missing so the author and recipient are unknown. Below are images of the front and back of the single page which remains. The sketch of the Native American is delightfully vivid. I am assuming the the ware to which the author refers if the Oregon boundary dispute, which was brought to an end 15 June 1846 by the Treaty of Washington.

Page 1

Washington City, Jan 28th 1846

My Dear Aunt,
We had the pleasure of receiving yours of the 18th Dec yesterday- and about this time I presume you have received my last. You will be startled to see the Indian Belle I now enclose but James Albert who has returned from his journey to the Rocky Mts left his sketch book with me yesterday, & I have hastily copied one of them for our dear Belle's amusement- she will excuse the hastiness of my sketch- as I wish to get my letter off today. Well dear aunt to your letter- How sad & gloomy you seem to be, I never wished more to be with you to laugh away your gloom- you are very kind dear aunt to invite us to pass our time with you during the forthcoming war- that is if there be one- a thousand thanks to you dear aunt, but as americans, we must not desert our post- and to tell you the truth- I have so high an opinion of the magnimmity of the English that should they attack Washington, we would not run away- we should have nothing to fear I am sure for ourselves- and we might be useful in nursing the wounded of our friends or our foes. War is

[pencil beneath picture: Ain-eer-tscher The fast walker]

Page 2

is a horrid state of things- yet I firmly believe this affair of Oregon will be settled in some other way than by arms.- We are here certainly very unprepared for war - no standing army- few vessels of war compared with Britain- But in the event of war the people will generally support it. I believe our President is averse to war- yet will be very unflinching if

necessary.- I wish you could read the many speeches in Congress at present in session- some would make you laugh outright- yet some you would admire I am sure. May GOD avert this evil from us all. To us it would reach the domestic hearth- it would be a grievous evil to England as well as ourselves.- However, dear aunt dismiss all your fears- at least until war be certainly commenced.- Don't take trouble so on interest. You say some think there my be a war between England and her ancient

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