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Militia Call Up (1796)

Below is a scan of a letter to the Constable of Kirby Underdale (East Yorkshire), advising Abraham Clarkson of his call up to the Militia.

The context of this letter was one of increasing threat of invasion from the French. In 1797 this threat increased, in coastal areas plans were drawn up to resist such an invasion. Deputy Lieutenants in the East Riding of Yorkshire were required to provide vast amouts of data for the military. Returns were called for showing the quantities fo grain, livestock and carts, inhabitants were listed and classified. In the event of the enemy landing civilians, grain and livestock were to be moved inland and the military were to move to the coast. A military report of 1798 on likely invasion points in the East Riding lists them as being Bridlington, Hornsea, Sand-le-Mere and Spurn.

Abraham Clarkson: Militia Call-up


Page1 - Left Panel

Constable  of
Kirby Underdale

Page 2 - Right Panel

East Rid

To the constable Kirby Underdale
by virtue of an order from the
Deputy Lieutenant & Justices
of the peace in and for the said Riding
at their sub-division meeting for
that purpose assembled you are
hereby required to give notice to
Abraham Clarkson an inhabitant
within your [illegible] chosen by
lot at the said meeting to serve in
the Militia for of the said Riding that
he do appear at Driffield in the
said Riding on this day the 18th day
of February next to be enrolled a
Militia Man for the space of five
years or provide a fit person to be
approved on by the Deputy Lieutenant
& justices that shall be present
to serve in his stead Which shall
take the oath &be enrolled according
to law you are thereby required to
give unto him or leave at his
usual place of abode notice of the
above at least seven days before the
said eighteenth day of Feby & be you
then & their to [illegible] upon oath what
you have born in the premises herein
[Illegible] not given under my hand this
10th day of Feby 1796

J Hudson
[illegible] Constable