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Welcome to my websiteHello and welcome to this the latest version of my presence on the Internet. This site aims to keep friends and family in touch with where I and my family are at the moment. It also hosts some of my family tree research, which for anyone who knows me has been a bit of an obsession for some time now.

Having lived "up north" for nearly twenty years now, you will not be surprised to find out that I am still referred to as a "soft southerner". Still I like it up here and probably would not return to London to live and work unless I really had to.

Our daughter, Janey is doing well, she has grown up incredibly fast. She's now in year 4 at school and seems to be enjoyiing herself and Sam is doing well in year 1. Happily they both get on really well with each other... most of the time. I've recently started helping out with the local Beavers group, which will hopefully be fun and rewarding too. I have also started Geocaching, this combined with the decorating and gardening means that I really do have no spare time!

Anyway, I hope you find something interesting on this site, if you spot anything that doesn't work or that you think should be included please let me know by following the contact me link above.